We are

Founded on October 17, 1983,
Itaueira started out by purchasing
lands in the Canto do Buriti municipality
three years before, in 1980.

Quality is our motto!

Itaueira is a family-owned company, founded on October 17, 1983.

We produce the famous REI Melon, the genuine packed-into-a-net melon, known both in Brazil and abroad for its top quality, and proudly bearing the slogan “I am Delicious” on every sticker.

We specialize in top quality fresh fruits:  Yellow Honey Dew melons, Green Melons (Piel de Sapo) and Galia; Baby seedless watermelons and grapes.  

We also produce cashew-apple and melon bulk juices, in 190 Kg drums.

Unfortunately, although we started our operations with the GAIA cashew apple, we don’t commercialize cashew apples, cashew nuts or dwarf-precocious cashew tree seeds or seedlings anymore.

Our highly skilled team of professionals ensures a strict quality control process, as well as the good health and safety of our products, since they follow up on all the seeds, from their plantation to the moment the fruits get to the point-of-sale.

Itaueira develops its own farming practices by incorporating the most modern soil preparation, plantation, fertilization, harvest and postharvest techniques, and using agricultural mechanization, whenever possible.

Our head office is located in Fortaleza. Our farms are strategically located in the states of Piauí, Ceará, and Bahia, one thousand kilometers away from each other.

Our commercial office, in charge of managing our sales all over Brazil, is located in São Paulo.  Our exports are managed from our head office, in Fortaleza.
We export directly to the United States of America, Canada, Chile, Dubai, Russia, Holland, Spain and Italy.

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