You will be

amazed at the high quality and irresistible flavor of our fruit.


Itaueira has directed its efforts towards the production of top quality tropical fruits, and presently sells its products throughout Brazil, Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

- In natura Yellow (Canary) melons, chilled.
- In natura “Piel de Sapo” (Toad Skin) melons, chilled.
- In natura Galia melons, chilled.
- In natura Seedless Baby watermelons, chilled.
- In natura figs, chilled.
-  Pasteurized natural cashew juice.
- Pasteurized natural melon juice.

Why are the fruits produced by Itaueira more tasteful?
Itaueira does not buy fruits from other producers to sell them with its own trademark.  All the fresh fruit sold by Itaueira are planted, grown, harvested, packed, commercialized and transported by Itaueira itself. That is why Itaueira’s Quality Standards of Excellence are unique.  

The seeds used by Itaueira are exclusive.  No other Brazilian producer is allowed to plant them; they are selected by Itaueira’s technical team after undergoing tests to determine not only their resistance to plagues and diseases, but also sweet flavor tests. We look for healthy plants that do not need too many pesticides, and fruits with a special flavor that please even the most demanding consumers.

Itaueira does not work with genetically modified seeds.

Itaueira has its own seed nurseries, where each seed is planted and each seedling is monitored daily, so that only the seedlings that develop well in the nurseries and are approved by our quality control team are sent to the fields, to be planted.  The nursery is totally netted, preventing the insects from getting inside, besides avoiding the use of pesticides on the little plants.
Itaueira takes special care in preparing the soil so that the plants are born strong, with all the nutrients and enough water to grow strong and healthy.  

In the field, the seedlings are planted in beds that keep the soil fluffy and moist, making it easier for the roots to develop.  Good roots make the best plants. 

A plastic mulch is placed on each one of the beds, maintaining the soil moist, preventing the growth of weeds and grass, the use of controlling chemical herbicides and the waste of irrigation water to evaporation.
Itaueira’s irrigation system is totally automated and controlled by computers, sending to each plant, through a drip system (thus preventing water waste) the exact amount of water it needs daily, during each growing stage.

Fertilizers are added to the water to guarantee the plant nutrition.  

During the first days in the field, the seedlings are covered with a special fabric sheet that protects them against plagues and diseases when they are still fragile, thus avoiding the use of chemical pesticides.  

We do everything within our reach to avoid the use of agrochemicals on our plants.  For this purpose, we have a team of employees whose sole task is to supervise each little plant in the fields, in search of insects and diseases.  Pesticides are only applied when it is absolutely necessary, to defend the plants from attacks.

The fruits are closely watched by our technical team throughout their development and during harvesting; only the fruits that have reached their highest degree of ripeness are chosen.  Itaueira only sells ripe fruits, ready for consumption.

As soon as the fruits reach the Packing House, they are all washed in warm water, grade-sorted, individually packed and loaded into cardboard boxes, palletized and immediately cooled in rapid cooling chambers; they are then stored in the cold chambers or transportation trucks to guarantee their usage for more than thirty days.

During harvesting, a strict flavor and sugar content (Brix degree) control process of each fruit is carried out, both in the field and in the Packaging. All the fruits guaranteed for flavor and quality are packed into nets for exports with the REI, DUNORT or CEPI brands, or for National market, with the REI brand name.

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