Tips and recipes

We tested in our kitchen,
for you and your family indulge.

Melons and watermelons are tropical fruits that offer a wide range of wonderful options in the kitchen, as ingredients for delicious dishes.
Every Itaueira melon or watermelon is sweet, since it is already ripe.

It is not necessary to squeeze it or wait for it to ripen.

They will not ripen any further, only age.

The Itaueira products should be consumed before their expiration dates.

We are listing here some recipes that we have tested in our experimental kitchen.

But be careful! If you have never used these fruits before, take a quick look at our tips and  advices, before you start preparing the recipes.
Melons and watermelons can be used for medicinal purposes, according to the information collected from the book “Fruits and Natural Medicine” by Alfons Balbach and Daniel S.F. Boarim. Editora Missionária, 1992. www.agrobyte.com.br

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